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You'll find that most of your question can be answered by browsing through the site or watching the short videos. If you have any additional unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us.



Thermal Palms

Training and Certification



What credit cards do you accept?

They accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. You can also choose to pay through PayPal.


How much is shipping?

It depends on where you live. For most of Canada and the US the cost to ship a Thermal Palms Kit is between $10 and $40. We will ship internationally. 


How long will it take to receive my order?

When items are in stock, they typically ship within three days. Delivery depends on your location. In Canada, parcels are delivered via Xpress Post with guaranteed delivery within three business days to most major centers. To the US, parcels are sent via postal mail and may take four to six weeks, although we've found that two weeks in more typical. We can provide limited tracking information on request.


What's your refund policy?

If there are any defects, let us know and we'll replace the product promptly. If you want a refund, simply send back the product and we'll refund your purchase as soon as it's received. We do not refund shipping costs or pay shipping on returned goods. Go to the Contact Us page for our postal address. Please include a copy of your receipt or your full contact information with the returned goods (including email and phone number) so we know who to refund.


Can I purchase Thermal Palms Kits wholesale?

Absolutely. If you are a retailer of massage products, please contact us for details on becoming a distributor.


Thermal Palms


Where can I find out more about Thermal Palms?

This website is a good place to start. Look through these FAQs and be sure to watch the videos.We'd also highly suggest that you get the free Guide to Thermal Palms by signing up for the Thermal Palms newsletter. It's a comprehensive interview done with Thermal Palms founder Hugette Long as part of the World Massage Conference. Hugette answers pretty mucn any question you could possibly have. If you are sitting on the fence about purchasing Thermal Palms, then get the guide so you can understand the modality more fully and make an informed decision before purchasing.

Sign up for the free newsletter and get the free Guide to Thermal Palms ebook


What are the Thermal Palms made of?

The exact source of our unique wrap material is under wraps. It's a trade secret. We can tell you that It's a medical grade polymer material with a soft silky texture. This gives the Thermal Palms a superior glide, whether used on the skin with oil or used over the clothing. The wrap material is hypoallergenic and contains no latex. It is reusable and the wraps can be washed with your regular laundry.


Are Thermal Palms reusable?

The wrap material is washable. Oil does degrade the material, but with proper care they should easily last for 15- 20 treatments. Just throw the wraps in a washing machine with your regular massage linen.


How do I prepare the Thermal Palms for use?

Thermal Palms can be prepared very quickly and take only minutes to heat in a microwave. Watch the videos you get with your Thermal Palms kit or refer to the guidebook that is included with the kit for specific details.


Seriously, oatmeal?

Seriously, yes. Oatmeal is used as the heat medium. Dozens of materials were tested for their ability to retain heat, their ability to conform to the body, the ease of preparation, and the ability to be heated safely in the microwave. Oatmeal won the contest hands down.

As an added benefit, it's cheap, readily available, has a great earthy smell and is biogradable.


Do I have to use a microwave for heating the Thermal Palms?

Yes, you need to heat them in a microwave.


How long do they stay warm?

If four to six Thermal Palms are used and kept in the insulated bag provided, they will stay hot for the duration of a one hour treatment. If needed you can reheat them briefly in the microwave.


How many Thermal Palms do I need to make for a treatment?

If you are doing a short chair massage or doing "spot treatment", then two Thermal Palms should be sufficient.

If you make the Thermal Palms as outlined and keep them in the insulated bag, four Thermal Palms will get you through a one hour full body treatment.

If you are doing a 60 to 75 minute massage or if you want to use the Thermal Palms exclusively (no hands on work integrated into the Thermal Palms massage), then it's best to prepare eight of them for your treatment.


Can I add aromatherapy oils when preparing Thermal Palms?

It's not recommended that you add aromatherapy oils into the water when preparing the Thermal Palms. The Thermal Palms are sealed and the scents are not released into the air. We recommend that you simply add aromatherapy oil directly to your lubricant as you normally would.


Any special washing instructions for the wraps?

With proper care, your wraps will last for up to 15  to 20 uses. Some practitioners have reported some lasting for 40 or more uses. Just wash them with your regular massage linen. If you are washing a load of Thermal Palm wraps on their own, throw in a couple of small towels to maintain separation and ensure they spin dry.

The wrap material is water resistant and does not absorb water. So very little drying time is needed - just enough to take the moisture off the surface . Use low or medium heat settings or simply hang to dry.


Training and Certification

Can I learn to do a Thermal Palms massage from the video?

Nothing beats live training. It makes a world of difference to learn under the watchful eye of an experience instructor. We are working to create a network of instructors across North America and eventually internationally. Workshops will roll out throughout the USA and Canada in 2014. In the meantime the best alternative is the video and guide.

Incorporating the Thermal Palms into your regular massage is not all that difficult. So if you are a massage professional you should be able to become proficient by practising along with the DVD and referring to the guide. Be sure to practice on several colleagues who can give you feedback before working with the public.

To become certified you'll need to take a live workshop or the Thermal Palms online certification course offered by My Learning Library.


Will you ever offer workshops in my area?

Training will be limited in 2011. However, we are hard at work setting up partnerships and training trainers and we hope to have Thermal Palms workshops offered regularly in most major metropolitan centers in Canada and the USA by 2012.

Do I need to get certified?

You do not need to get certified to use Thermal Palms in your practice. If you simply want to promote Thermal Palms massage to your existing clients through personal communication (i.e. in person, by mail or email, telephone or signage within your clinic), you may do so without certification.  However, Thermal Palms is a registered trademark and if you want to advertise the fact that you use Thermal Palms in a PUBLIC MEDIUM (i.e. print advertising, Yellow Pages, your website or online ads, radio or television), you must be certified. 

Why do I need to get certified?

Thermal Palms is a registered trademark and we require that anyone who publicly advertises the use of the Thermal Palms to be certified to ensure that clients have an exceptional experience with Thermal Palms. Certification lets the public know that you are proficient in their use and that they will receive a safe and effective masssage by a fully qualified practitioner. It also prevents you from having to compete with practitioners who are not willing to take the time to become fully knowledgeable about the use of this fantastic modality and who may give Thermal Palms a bad name. 

How do I get certified?

You can get certified by attending a live workshop or by taking the online certification course offered by MyLearningLibrary.com. You can purchase the online certification course through this site or directly from MyLearningLibray. 



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"Thermal Palms have been a BIG hit with my clientele. They LOVE the heat, and many have fallen asleep on me. I decided not to charge extra for the Thermal Palms, but I do require them to upgrade to a 90 minute massage is they want them. So in actuality I do make more money and have successfully upgraded alot of clientele with the Thermal Palms."

Sarah Corney, Lenexa, KS, USA

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