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Chair Massage Techniques

 In this two-volume DVD set, you'll discover that chair massage does not need to be hard on your body. You'll find out how to use your body in an efficient way, maximizing leverage and your body weight, while minimizing stress to your back and your thumbs. Learn dozens of techniques in what is arguably, the most comprehensive set of chair massage DVDs you'll find anywhere.


World Massage Conference

Attend this ground-breaking virtual massage conference and have some of the world's leading massage educators live in your living room. The World Massage Conference is the largest event in the history of massage with an estimated 15,000 paid participants.

Once registered, simply log into the World Massage Conference website and enter a "virtual classroom" to get immediate access to all presenters.



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"Thermal Palms have been a BIG hit with my clientele. They LOVE the heat, and many have fallen asleep on me. I decided not to charge extra for the Thermal Palms, but I do require them to upgrade to a 90 minute massage is they want them. So in actuality I do make more money and have successfully upgraded alot of clientele with the Thermal Palms."

Sarah Corney, Lenexa, KS, USA

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