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Certification is available through both engaging live workshops and convenient online e-courses: 

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Click here for more information on live Thermal Palms workshops and a current schedule. 

Note: Thermal Palms is a registered trademark and anyone wishing to use the name in public advertising campaigns must be certified as a Thermal Palms practitioner. See FAQs for more info. 


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"We have been promoting the Thermal Palms since the winter time. In meanwhile spring has already started but this does not mean we do not continue with Thermal Palms. We got very good reactions. People are pleased with this ’new sensation’. Since we give mostly ’deep muscle’ massages they request that as well and we’ve got the Thermal Palms nicely integrated with that. I am not a hot stone fan. It is often ’messy and noisy’. The Thermal Palms is in my opinion far superior."

Ludo Vanhees, Anicca Relaxation, Namibia, Africa

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